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Hollywood Star Rent A Car. The best car rental company in Los Angeles.
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Terms of Use

1- Qualifications

-Renters Must be at least 18 years of age with two years of driving experience.

-Renters under the age of 25 must have either,

A. a major credit card issued by a U.S. bank and their own liability insurance, Or
B. Their own full coverage insurance that bridges to non-owned (rented) vehicles.

-All drivers aged 18-21 are assessed an underage driver fee of $18.99/day

-All drivers aged 22-24 are assessed an underage driver fee of $10.99/day

-Renters must have a credit or debit card with $300 in available credit for U.S. issued credit/debit cards and $500 for foreign credit/debit cards in their possession at the time of rental, or a sufficient available credit, should the rental exceed the required deposit.

-Prepaid debit cards and cash deposits are not accepted.

-All renters must comply with California’s financial responsibility law’s.

-In an effort to maintain low cost rentals, we accept non-owner liability policies, long term renters should inquire from a local licensed insurance agent.

-All renters must have a valid drivers license in their possession at the time of rental.

- Foreign licenses are accepted if they are an international certified original, i.e. carries an on draft English translation. If not, a certified international driving permit with an English translation and the country issued license is required.

-Additional drivers must present a valid drivers license and their own proof of insurance.

-Renters driving records may be checked for infractions.

2. Reserving a car

-Call 323-839-9929 or Use our Online Reservation System.

-Reservations are accepted outside of 48 hours prior to pick up. If you need a vehicle now or tomorrow call for availability.

-Any credit card submitted will be charged for any cancellation charges, as per the card holder agreement if you fail to cancel your reservation 48 hours prior to your pick up time.

-Keep your confirmation number handy.

3. Pick-up and Valet services

-Free pick-up and drop off service “is” available. Restrictions apply, please call ahead at least 2 hours prior to your pick up time, to prevent delays and check availability for pick up and drop off.

-Super convenient Valet delivery and pick up service, with in the greater Los Angeles area, is available to repeat renters and on special case scenarios with prior arrangements. We can have it waiting at the airport, hotel, home or office, upon your arrival 24/7, and picked up when you are done. Lax returns are dropped in parking lot "C". Minimum fee is $75 or $1.50 per mile whichever is greater per event.

4. Picking up your vehicle.

-If you don’t have a reservation that’s OK, we try to have vehicles available, and will hold one for 45 minutes. Customers without reservations are served on a first come first serve basis and we cannot guarantee availability until you arrive at one of our offices.

-Remember to bring your current valid proof of insurance, drivers license and credit/debit card with you as you need to present them to your rental agent.

-Give yourself 15-20 minutes to pick up your rental car, though rental times are typically only few minutes, be prepared for a short delay, especially during peak times and just before closing, we don’t want you to miss any appointments.

-When renting, you’ll be asked to sign your rental agreement, a credit card draft, and a vehicle condition report.

5.Billing and payments.

-At the time of rental an authorization will be taken in the amount of $300.00 for domestic credit cards or $500.00 for foreign credit cards. This is your security deposit. When presenting a debit card for retaining your rental, your bank will process this transaction three different ways, 1) your account may be debited for either $300 or $500, depending on account standing with your bank, 2) that amount may be blocked, you’ll be able to see it in your account, but not have access to it, 3) they will release the hold the same day and allow you to go negative and charge you overdraft fees, should there be an insufficient amount to cover for financial items coming in for disbursement. We can not tell how your bank will choose to process, please inquire with them for this information.

-Your security deposit will not be used towards the cost of your rental.

-If your rental exceeds 28 days, your original authorization will be charged on the fourth Monday after you pick up your vehicle. This will generate a credit balance on your rental which will then be refunded to you upon return of the vehicle. We can not reauthorize cards on extended rentals.

-We bill weekly, for the week past, all payments towards time and mileage are due on each Monday after the day your pick up your vehicle.

-If someone else is paying you for your rental, we will fax or mail a billing summary at your request to allow for quicker reimbursement to you.

-Please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account on the days your card is scheduled to be billed (every Monday) as this will only add additional charges and fees.

6. During your rental:

A. For all renters,

-Please pay Your parking tickets, “you” are responsible. Most cities will accept payment up to 21 days after the ticket is issued. Because this policy varies, based on the authority which issued the parking ticket, we recommend paying your ticket as soon as possible .

-If you do not want to hassle with figuring out what to do with your parking ticket just bring it to us and we will handle it for you (a $25 service fee applies.)

-Unpaid parking tickets which become delinquent will be paid by us and billed to your credit card. We will charge $75 for this service.

-You are responsible for any damage which occurs while driving on unpaved roads, any tire, wheel, or undercarriage damage, any broken and or damaged auto glass, all towing and retrieval charges resulting from impoundment.

B. Long term renters only (rentals in excess of 7 days.)

-All rentals are for a 30 day maximum term. You must come into an office and re contract if keeping the vehicle over 30 days.

-Maintain proper fluid levels (feel free to stop in and we can do it for you free of charge.)

-Change fluids as needed every three thousand miles (call us to schedule for a free appointment as needed.)

-Damage caused by over/under filled fluids are the responsibility of the renter and not covered by insurance or LDW.

-Renter “IS” responsible for damages caused while driving while engine is overheated.

- On the rare occasion where the vehicle is in need of repair, when you call, we will try to assess the condition, and try to get you going right there and then, if we are unable to do so, we will dispatch a truck that will bring you another vehicle and return with the disabled vehicle to the service center based on inventory availability.

7. Returning your vehicle

-Upon arriving one of the members of our lot staff will take your keys and inspect the vehicle with you, vehicles dropped at other locations will be inspected when an agent retrieves the vehicle. You will remain responsible for the rental until such time the vehicle is checked in by the agent.

-The counter agent will prepare your final statement, you can pay your balance by cash, credit card, travelers checks or money order.

-To avoid cleaning fees, please return your rental clean inside and out.

-Check your paper work to determine the appropriate return fuel level, prior to your return.

-If you return the vehicle with less fuel than you received it, a service fee of $10.00 will be assessed in addition to the prevailing market price of the fuel needed to refill the tank.

-If you need a free ride home, to the airport or any other destination please try and call us an hour or two ahead of time and let us know when you are arriving this will help us make your trip back home more seamless.




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